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Frosty Papakura

Status: Available
Age: Young
Sex: Male
Breed: White Rabbit
Frosty is very BIG, energetic and playful. More information

Jake Henderson

Status: Available
Age: 15 weeks - 19/01/20
Sex: Male
Breed: Black and White
Jake is a very talkative, purry, friendly kitten and just loves attention. More information

Lilac Papakura

Status: Available
Age: 12 weeks - 16/02/20
Sex: Female
Breed: Grey Tabby
Lilac is soft and gentle and will approach anyone to say hello with a calm demeanour. More information

Little Rosie Papakura

Status: Available
Age: 12 week - 15/02/20
Sex: Female
Breed: Black domestic shorthair
Rosie is a little love bug and is super affectionate, purry and active More information

Pecan Pakuranga

Status: Pecan - Available
Age: 6 months - 08/01/19
Sex: Male
Breed: Domestic Shorthair, Ginger and White and Tabby and White
Pili and Pecan are quite shy kittens, but affectionate once they know you. More information

Sheldon Papakura

Status: On hold - 02/02/20
Age: 7.5 years
Sex: Male
Breed: Tortoise
SHELDON is a big boy aged around 7.5 yrs More information

Socks Papakura

Status: Available
Age: 3.5 months - 17/01/20
Sex: Female
Breed: Black and White
Socks is a super special little girl with the most loving gentle and playful personality. More information