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Diego Henderson

Status: Available
Age: 16 weeks - 09/05/18
Sex: Male
Breed: Black and White Domestic Shorthair
Diego is very purry and gentle once he gets to know you More information

Hunter Henderson

Status: Available
Age: 4 months - 14/06/18
Sex: Male
Breed: Tabby domestic shorthair
Hunter is a lovely, friendly kitten More information

Lancelot Papakura

Status: Adopted - 17/06/18
Age: 12 weeks - 23/05/18
Sex: Male
Breed: Black domestic shorthair
Lancelot is a quiet but playful kitten More information

Mantis and Monkey Henderson

Status: Adopted - 14/06/18
Age: 8 weeks - 04/06/18
Sex: Mantis - Male
Monkey - Female
Breed: Ginger and Black domestic medium-haired
Mantis and Monkey were found dumped in a box with their siblings More information

Pippa Henderson

Status: Available
Age: 2 years
Sex: Female
Breed: Tortoiseshell domestic shorthair
Pippa is a very friendly girl More information

Slinky and Red Henderson

Status: Available
Age: 4 months - 14/06/18
Sex: Female
Breed: Black domestic shorthair
Red and Slinky are lovely, friendly kittens More information

Tahi Henderson

Status: Available
Age: 18 months - 25/05/18
Sex: Female
Breed: Cameo and white domestic shorthair
Tahi is a lovely gentle cat More information

The Spice Girls Henderson

Status: Baby - adopted 09/06/18
Sporty - adopted 18/06/18
Scary and Posh - available
Age: 4 months - 03/06/18
Sex: Female
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
The spice girls are all very friendly and would love to go to a caring forever home. More information