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Belle Papakura

Status: Available
Age: 14 months - 25/03/18
Sex: Female
Breed: Medium haired tabby/tortie
Belle is a vocal girl, incredibly purry and friendly. More information

Diego Henderson

Status: Available
Age: 12 weeks - 24/02/18
Sex: Male
Breed: Black and White Domestic Shorthair
Diego is very purry and gentle once he gets to know you More information

Don and Dan Henderson

Status: Don - Adopted 25/03/18
Dan - Adopted 17/04/18
Age: 10 weeks - 24/02/18
Sex: Male
Breed: Tabby and White Domestic Short Hair
Don and Dan are very purry, friendly and playful. More information

Flower and Toffee Henderson

Status: Flower - available
Toffee - adopted 18/04/18
Age: 3 months - 03/04/18
Sex: Female
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Flower and Toffee are quite shy, but purr when you cuddle them More information

George and Gilbert Papakura

Status: Gilbert - adopted 08/04/18
George - adopted 18/04/18
Age: 10 weeks - 23/03/18
Sex: Male
Breed: Black and White domestic shorthair
George and Gilbert are playful, confident kittens More information

Grace Papakura

Status: Adopted - 18/04/18
Age: 13 weeks - 09/04/18
Sex: Female
Breed: Black Domestic Shorthair
Grace is a very purry, friendly girl and just loves attention. More information

Harry Papakura

Status: Adopted - 14/04/18
Age: 10 weeks - 09/04/18
Sex: Male
Breed: Tabby domestic shorthair
Harry is a purry, friendly boy. More information

Jack and Jim Henderson

Status: Available
Age: 4 months - 03/04/18
Sex: Male
Breed: Black and Grey Domestic Long Hair
Jack and Jim are extremely fluffy kittens More information

Mia Henderson

Status: Available
Age: 15 months
Sex: Female
Breed: Tabby Domestic Shorthair
Mia is a very quiet cat – she loves a cuddle More information

Timmy Tiny and Tulip Manurewa

Status: Tiny - adopted 13/04/18
Timmy and Tulip - Available
Age: 9 weeks - 11/04/18
Sex: Timmy - Male
Tiny - Female
Tulip - Female
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
They are all lovely friendly playful kittens, used to dogs. More information