At the Humane Society, we seek to prevent indiscriminate breeding of household pets via our Spay and Neuter Fund.

The easiest way to prevent unwanted animals is by desexing our pets.

Because of this we have a Spay and Neuter assistance fund.  A significant amount of money derived from bequests and donations is used to help people who want to desex their pets but are not able to afford this.

You will need a Community Services Card to be considered for this subsidy. Please fill in the application form online (you can also download the PDF and mail it in) and you will be contacted by one of our volunteers. Do not be offended if we ask for more details and please be courteous to the people you deal with.

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Humane Society of New Zealand / Desexing Request

The Humane Society believes that desexing pets is essential to reduce the number of abandoned animals. For people needing assistance, we can offer a subsidy to help you do that. A Community Services Card is required except in exceptional circumstances.

Please complete all details and submit using the button at the end of this form. If you are unable to fill this in online, download the pdf, fill it in and return to us by post.

Please note this form must be returned and approval notified (to you and your vet) before the animal is desexed. We are unable to refund money if the operation has proceeded prior to this.

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We generally subsidise one animal per household but may consider more in exceptional circumstances. Please include any animals you are requesting assistance with


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If not we will suggest a vet that we partner with if we have one in your area.

Please read carefully
The Humane Society subsidises the costs of desexing your pet. We are not involved with the desexing operation and have no responsibility for this or the outcome. Please ensure you follow your vet’s advice around the procedure.

We may contact you or your vet for more information regarding this application

We reserve the right to decline any application

The Humane Society is funded by donations, bequests and fundraising. We are not government funded and everyone you deal with is a volunteer. Please be respectful of this.

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