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Beanie Orewa

Status: Available
Age: 3 years
Sex: Female
Breed: Beardie x
If you are looking for a special dog, come & meet Beanie, you won't be disappointed. More information

Dusty Waitoki, 10 minutes from Silverdale

Status: Available
Age: 12 months - 28/08/19
Sex: Male
Breed: Catahoula x Heading dog
Dusty is a unique coloured boy with a gentle loving nature More information

Herb South Auckland

Status: Adopted - 14/10/19
Age: 10 months - 10/08/19
Sex: Male
Breed: Fox Terrier x Miniature Pinscher
Herb is a very affectionate boy who loves people and going for walks. More information

Jack South Auckland

Status: Out on Trial - 22/09/19
Age: 7 years
Sex: Male
Breed: Shih Tzu
Jack will be a lovely companion for a retired couple or person on their own. More information

Kate South Auckland

Status: Property Check Pending
Age: 2.5 years
Sex: Female
Breed: Lab x Staffie
Kate loves going for walks, loves to run and is great on and off lead More information

Meg Pt Chevalier

Status: Available
Age: 15 months - 03/10/19
Sex: Female
Breed: Catahoula x
Meg is very affectionate, pretty well behaved and has a lot of enthusiasm for life. More information

Memphis South Auckland

Status: Available
Age: 12 months - 11/10/19
Sex: Male
Breed: Catahoula x Collie
Memphis is a little shy to begin with but loves people More information

Oreo Waiuku

Status: Available
Age: 5 months - 27/08/19
Sex: Male
Breed: Collie x
Oreo is a sweet little boy, a bit shy when first meeting people but soon comes around. More information

Seb South Auckland

Status: Available
Age: 5 months - 26/07/19
Sex: Male
Breed: Whippet x Staffie
Seb is a lovely boy who is very active and would make a great agility dog. More information

Tyler South Auckland

Status: Adopted - 20/10/19
Age: 8 months - 19/06/19
Sex: Male
Breed: German Shepherd x
Tyler is the sweetest boy who loves cuddles, More information

Zilla South Auckland

Status: Available
Age: 12 weeks - 16/09/19
Sex: Female
Breed: Mastiff x Staffie
Zilla is a lovely friendly girl, who loves people and is great with the other dogs in our foster home. More information