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Status Out on Trial - 03/11/17

Age 13 months - 02/08/17
Sex Male
Breed Bull Terrier x
Desexed Yes
Location Waitakere
Donation $200
Good with other pets? Yes with dogs but no cats or small animals
Good with kids? Older ones preferred
LUKAS is a 1 year old bull terrier x staffie, rescued by Humane Society. 

He is a large strong dog, can be a bulldozer at times and bowl you over with excitement when trying to get past so his new owners will need to have experience with the breed to understand his personality and nature.

Lukas is best suited to a family with teenage children. He is a very lovable, affectionate exciteable boy who loves cuddles and tummy rubs.

He loves attention, playing with toys, other dogs and humans. He loves being with you during the day so best not left home for long periods as he can be destructive if bored.

 He also loves spending time at doggy day care where he is stimulated physically and mentally. He loves going for walks and having a good play and would do well with company of another dog or on his own but does try to hog the attention.

 He is very curious and into everything, a big puppy who is still learning.

He isn't suited to a family with cats or any other small feathered or furry friends. 

Lukas has been vet-checked, vaccinated, neutered, microchipped and is currently registered so we will ask for a minimum DONATION of $200 towards these costs. 

If you are interested in adopting him, you will need a securely fenced property to keep him contained which a volunteer from the Society will check prior to him being released to his new home. 

You will also need to meet him at our foster home in Waitakere as we WILL NOT send dogs anywhere and must meet all prospective new owners. 

Our aim is to adopt each dog to a compatible owner. The Humane Society reserves the right to decline any dog adoption application at its discretion. 

Please phone or  email for more information.

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How to adopt

If you are interested in adopting this dog, please make sure you read our adoption guidelines, then contact us to arrange a meeting.