Can I sell my animal through your Society?

No you cannot. We suggest you try Trade Me.

I can no longer care for my dog or cat. Can you help?

If time is available, we would prefer that owners that need to rehome their pets list them on Trade Me. This would mean the animal would only have one move. If it is urgent, and space is available we could place it in a foster home. This would still be subject to meeting the animal first, to ensure it is suitable for rehoming under our guidelines.

I have some stray cats in my garden - can you help with them?

We loan humane traps, for which we take a $60 refundable deposit, in cash, which is refunded when the trap is returned.

If you wish to give the cat a home, we are happy to assist with desexing (see Desexing page). If it proves to be a relatively friendly cat, we can help with rehoming subject to space being available.. As we have very limited cat facilities we can not guarentee that we can help in each case.

If it is sick, injured or feral, please contact us for more information.

I need to desex my animal and can’t afford the total costs - can you help?

Yes we can. Refer to the desexing page for information on how to apply.

I wish to adopt from the Society - how do I go about this?

Please refer to the adoption page.

My animal is sick/injured. Can you help with vet costs?

Generally speaking we can’t.

My dog needs to find a new home urgently - can you help?

If space in a foster home is available we may be able to help – please contact us to find out. If we cannot assist, please phone Animal Management in your area.