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Attached are some pictures of Abby, it is 2 weeks today of course that we
adopted her & I should have been in contact last weekend.

She is the most lovable & adorable dog, with a wonderful character.

To say that she has settled in here would be an understatement. Forever
following Jeane & or I around, (I sometimes call her 'shadow') sits in the
bathroom whilst Jeane has a shower & laps up any water spills.

Quite bizarre the number of traits that she has taken on, similar to our
previous dog Tessa, who died 11 1/2 years ago.

Abby only had to be shown the settee in the garage once & she  was up onto
it & totally adopted it as hers. It was Tessa's bed & has remained in place
all these past years. A degree of education is nearly complete to convince
her that that is the only bed or settee in the house that she is allowed to
get up on.

Jeane has nicknamed her 'The Black Bullet' & when let out in the morning for
a widdle she rockets of down the bark path at the back of our house to the
paved area. Needless to say I am getting a lot of practice at raking the
bark back in place each evening.

She obviously has had some good training as she does not pester us at the
dining table, but will generally settle down nearby & doze. There is usually
the reward of 1 singular titbit after we have finished eating.

We live about 50 yards back from Abbotts Way, which is a main arterial road
between Greenlane & Remuera to St Johns, Mt Wellington & Ellerslie. A number
of Police, Fire or Ambulances go past under siren each day. When this
happens she sits down, puts her nose to the sky & howls like a hyena or
jackal. So we think that she finds this distressing & call her to us
whenever it happens.

The one challenge we have is getting her to sit, before crossing a road. At
the moment something that she does with great reluctance, but that will

So thank you & the Humane Society for letting us have her, she is adding a
new dimension to our lives.

We intend to sign up with the Society & offer some assistance where we can.

Our very best wishes & we will keep in contact.