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I'm now 2 years old and my name is Badger.  I sometimes get called "Mischief" or "Goofy" ....don't know why though.  I've grown so big that I've surprised my mum and the vet.  I fill up the boot of her car now.My fur started quite a dark brindle but the tan colour is coming through more and more.  People tell me all the time how unusual I am and most think I'm a Wolfhound.  The vet thinks I'm part Huntaway because I like to bark loud and make everyone deaf and scared.  My gardens are starting to look much nicer since I stopped digging everything up and the fence posts don't taste so great anymore either. I still have a taste for jandals though especially the visitors ones.  I love protecting my house, my nana's house, the neighbour's house, most houses actually... cos I don't really like anyone coming to the fence unless they know my mum or have some food.   I like the water now and once I jumped off a platform into the mangroves without looking.  I was a bit naughty and didn't listen.  My mum came in after me because I got stuck. I probably shouldn't do that again. I have a couple of flatmates too.  There's Boris the Bull Mastiff - we have sooooo much fun going to the beach and travelling around together but he gets tired and I don't want to stop - ever.    We look pretty big together when we're out so we get a lot of attention.  My other flatmate is Woody the 18 year old cat.  He thinks he's my boss - Pah! I'll let him think that for a little bit longer.  My favourite things to do are playing with other dogs, following my mum, playing while following my mum, going to nana's and my aunty's because they spoil me, and tripping my mum and barking at her when she stops playing. 


Well I hope you like the photos of me...I'm so cool!  It's time for me to go and chew on Boris's ear now.