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This is Baron on his favourite seat by the front door. My little aristocrat! Baron (formally Aaron) has been eating well and has filled out a little - very easy to feed! If it's food, he'll eat it - including pear,  banana and carrot! He sleeps comfortably on the bed with me, quiet all night. If anyone/thing he does not like the look of, goes by our place he gives a very cute wee growl 'n howl. The only other noise he makes is yipping when he is playbowing and asking Rohan next door to play with him.

He is wonderful on walks and loves being fussed over by the ladies we meet, who all think he is very handsome! Well, of course, they're right.


On Monday afternoons I volunteer at the local SPCA shop. This Monday, his first big home-alone adventure, I secured his leash on a longline, giving him full access to the back of the house and the yard. I put a large bowl of water in the laundry with all his toys and his rug and cushion (as in the photo), gave him a pig's ear and then closed the door into the house. Four and a half hours later, I came back home to a little black face at the front door. He had decided he didn't like the longline, had slipped out of his collar, carefully opened the door into the house and had spent most of my time away asleep on the bed. There was not a single scrap of damage or mess anywhere!!!😳I was so surprised and so relieved to know that he can be trusted and that he doesn't fret, trusting I will come home to him. 


Watching TV at night has become a delight with Baron sitting beside me on the couch - unless another dog or animal appears on the TV. Then I am doubly entertained. Watching him watch Dog Squad is just about the best entertainment of my life. He went and sat in front of the TV, head at full tilt, he sniffed the screen and then spent several minutes ducking behind the screen, trying to figure out how the dogs in this big narrow box had gotten into his house without him being able to smell them. When he was satisfied they weren't actually in the house, he came and sat back next to me on the couch and watched the whole episode with absolute focus.


He is a very bright little bloke and an absolute charmer. He has already been with me to visit an elderly lady from church - he behaved like a therapy dog and she just loved him. He really is precious and I feel very blessed to have this gentle, affectionate little sweetheart in my life.