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Benji and Poppy

I thought you might like to see these photos that I have just taken , I have made little towels and placed them in cold water , then put them on the dogs to cool them ,the other dog in the photo  with Benji is Tracey our other dog.Benji and Poppy have really settled in here with us and are loving life, we take them up to our top paddock for a good run and sniff around ,they love sniffing around our orchard .They spend their days lounging around on our couches and out on the deck , they love looking at our chooks in the chook house , they get on really well with our other two dogs and sometimes Benji sleeps with Tracey , Poppy has a lovely nature too ,she likes to relax on the couch on my lap , Benji still loves my husband and often sits on the other couch with him .