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Well it has now been just over three weeks since we welcomed Bessie into our family and I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you (and Robyn and all the team of volunteers for that matter) for all the work you do for these wee pooches.  I have been nothing but amazed by the joy Bessie has brought our kids. I did wonder if the novelty might wear off to be honest, but they absolutely adore her and insist she comes everywhere possible with us. She is certainly never short of company or affection!

If we had been able to write a list of the exact ideal dog we were looking for, Bessie is it 100%. Also the minor toileting issue mentioned when we got her has not been an issue at all. I give her just 1/2 a tablet every third day or so as we have not had one accident at all so far.

So once again thanks... I know it must take up alot of your spare time but hope you know your hard work has brought us much joy and many other families I am sure also.  Please see attached photo of two of my children enjoying a cuddle with her.