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Just wanted to report on a little Fox Terrier X we adopted earlier this year.
Bingo is doing just fine.  He was a bit boisterous when we first took him home, but he has settled down, and is very well loved my all of us, but especially my kids.  He is very gentle with them, and they love taking him with on our walks.  He has been on holiday with us, and found out that splashing in the water was actually fun.  He is being trained by my daughter to jump over obstacles in our garden, and he seems to enjoy it for some reason.  He is scared of sticks, but we try not to have those around him. 
When he first arrived he tried to terrorise our hens (we have four hens in a backyard enclosure).  He has calmed down to such an extent, that we can now let the hens out for their daily walk around the garden, and he is quite happy to walk among them and not chase them.  He's a real sweety!
Thanks very much for the wonderful service you provide.  It's terrible to think that a nice dog like Bingo didn't have a chance without the service you provide.  Thanks again.