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Thought you might like to see a few photos of Bosco.  He is settling in so well, it seems like longer than 10 days since he's been part of the family.  It's certainly all fun and games as Bosco just wants to play and Ebby and Angus are happy to oblige.  So we spend our mornings and evenings cuddling Labradors - it's great.  They now have one enormous sleeping platform which they share together with three bean bags which are dragged around the place.  Bosco loves pine cones, which are plentiful in the garden, so he has an endless supply of chew toys to go with his squeaky toys.  So I think its all going well.

Update on Bosco:

We are so happy to support all the good things you do.  Bosco continues to be just a really sweet, chilled out dog. He is always the first to snuggle up to make sure he gets the best spot on the couch for watching TV.

Because of his gentle and calm nature he is part of Canine Friends – a charity which promotes pet therapy in aged care facilities, hospices etc.  I took him to a Christmas party for children with special needs and he was just so gentle and sweet – he just knew to be extra careful with them.  Just amazing to see.  Here he is in his Canine Friends bandana and also with his 3 friends (Angus, Java and Ebby) on Christmas Eve on a walk. … yes we are mad about black dogs!