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Bree - Our Very Own Drug Detection Dog!

Further Update

Bree has now been working for 4 years. She now has a new handler and is based in Wellington with Ketia the other dog from Tokoroa Dog Rescue – and they are both in love with their new handler Jamie who was a bomb dog handler in the Army.



Bree is doing very well and has fitted into our little team nicely. She excels at the drug work and really loves her training. She has now completed the full course, and gained 100% in her proficiency test, meaning that she is not only a fully fledged drug dog, but a very good one at that.


Bree has been training with her new handler for the last two weeks and is now living and working with him in Dunedin along with another rescue dog Ketia from Tokoroa Dog Rescue. They get on like a house on fire and already Ketia is showing Bree all the good swimming spots on their long bush runs that they go on when not working.


Bree is an absolutely beautiful dog, and the Humane Society should be very proud that they have saved such a lovely animal and given her a future.




Here is a picture of Bree the chocolate Lab and her working buddy Zara.


Recently New Zealand Detector Dog Services were on the lookout for a promising young recruit to join their team of drug detector dogs who provide drug screening services to the private sector. Our company has a policy to only take dogs from animal welfare organizations, as we are passionate about giving these dogs a chance to have a busy and fulfilling life and want to make a difference, no matter how small that may be.


I had noticed Bree had been on ‘Trade Me’ with the Humane Society for quite some time, and this was not the first time she had featured. After talking to Bree’s foster mum , Tina I thought that Bree may be exactly the type of dog who would be suited to drug work. She was energetic, cheeky and full of life and trouble – just what I look for in a working dog.


I drove out to see Bree, who bounded out of the house, raced down the stairs and galloped round the yard, greeted me like a long lost friend. She looked ideal for the role, and I had a pretty good idea that she would take to our training with enthusiasm.


Well I am pleased to say that Bree has flown through her initial Scent Association training with us and is well on her way to becoming a fully fledged detector dog. I will keep you updated on her progress, but it won’t be long before she is out there working alongside our other rescued dogs such as Zara. Keep an eye on our website for pictures of Bree and our other dogs working: www.nzddsk9.co.nz


Thank you to the great staff and people who support the Humane Society and give dogs like Bree a chance at having a successful and rewarding future, and all of us here at New Zealand Detector Dog Services hope that dogs like Bree will encourage others to think about making a difference.


A happy ending to Bree’s tale!


Janet Williams

New Zealand Detector Dog Services