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Just wanted to drop you a note about how our wonderful Bruce is.  

Bruce has been with us for 6 weeks now and we just love him to bits, I cant imagine our family without him now.  He has settled right down, and is fantastic with everyone including the cat and little kids that come to visit (we had nothing to fear about the cat, he is such a big teddy bear and only wants to please us).

He is learning so quickly and is very easy to train.  He has worked out that he will get loads of pats and cuddles, he just sometimes needs to wait instead of bowling us over for them!  He is a very sociable boy, we spend alot of time out at dog parks and beaches and he is so playful and loving being out and about.  He worked out quickly that he is meant to be with us and comes when called, most of the time anyway! It took a while for him to learn to jump in the car & Ute but now he wont stop getting in the car.  

He went for his first proper swim a couple of weeks ago, following the other dogs in but not realising that he couldn't touch the bottom if he went that far out.  He got quite a fright the first time but quickly worked it out and now loves swimming.  He stays very close to Kaos, looks to her and copies alot of what she does and they just love wrestling and chasing each other around.  He has really enriched her life as well as ours.  His health is great, he is keeping weight on, has very shiny coat and a definite twinkle in his eye. I have attached some photos of him (middle) with Kaos (left) and his other friend Neela (right) who he loves as well.

I cant express enough gratitude to you all for rescuing and looking after Bruce.  Everyone who meets him falls a little in love with him as he has the most amazing nature. He is the perfect addition to our family and we will always be grateful to you.