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I thought I'd update you on progress with Bruce....

As you can see, he is a very relaxed and happy boy. He's put weight on and weighs 6.4 kilos now..he was 5.4 kilos when I first had him. His coat is lush and he's full of energy. He is very bright and I have worked hard on his training. He heels on the lead, comes when I call him, sits, stays and loves his walks, especially at the beach. I am taking him to his formal training starting next week and I am sure he will do well. He goes to doggie day care while I am working at the Zoo, and is such a social little chap with all the other dogs. I have found some lovely people to have him if I have to go away...we left him for a couple of nights when we went away to a wedding, and he was as good as gold. I don't think he would like kennels so we will always avoid that if possible. He now sleeps where he likes, although he is not allowed in our bedroom, and has decided he likes the sofa downstairs (it's cooler I think), which suits us too. He is a very clean dog and doesn't moult hair much at all.

I really enjoy our long walks and we are both keeping very fit. He still hates loud noises and buses and trucks, but we can't expect him to be perfect! We will keeping working on the fireworks and thunder! I am still trying to get him to chase a ball, but without any success so far, but he loves his squeaky toys and a tug of war.

I just want to say thank you for rescuing him and giving him to me...can't imagine life without him now. My sons were home recently and thought he was great and visa versa...so we love him to bits. He has fitted into our family really well.

Just wanted to reassure you about little Bruce. As you can see he is relaxing and his separation anxiety is improving with the work we have been doing. The only issue is if I go out during the day and have to leave him. I have been doing this very gradually, leaving him for 5 minutes, then another time 10 mins, increasing it gradually...he still barks but for a shorter time than before. Also I have stopped using the crate at night or anytime.....I have fenced off a little area off our kitchen and next to our bedroom door....I have left the crate in the room with door open and put his bedding next to the little gate and he has slept all night (so have I !) for the last two nights.....a breakthrough I think, as he can still see and hear us, but is not in the crate. There has been no panting or drooling either. So this little room will hopefully become his little sanctuary and this is a good solution for everyone. I also got him a little Thundershirt as you can see, and I think that helps too. We are also trying doggy daycare and our recent housesitters took him ( and stayed with him) to a local one and he loved it. So if I have to leave him for more than a couple of hours, I will drop him there to play...he loves other dogs and will exhaust himself playing. I am taking him there tomorrow while I am working at the Zoo, and will see how he gets on. He is a dear little boy and such a great companion for me as my husband spends a lot of time away.

Thanks for letting me adopt him and for your support.

We received this a week later

Here is Bruce on our boat... We've been out for two days and he realises now he can actually pee on the boat instead of holding on!! He's really beginning to enjoy the boating lifestyle and he even has his own life jacket for the dinghy. He loves watching the fish jumping at night... He has tried to take over the bedrooms but has now accepted his place in the main cabin on the floor!!