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We adopted Bruno, a German Shepard-Ridgeback cross, just before Christmas 2010 when he was 4 months old. He is now a big boy of over 40 kgs, the most affectionate, intelligent and well behaved dog we've ever had. When we decided to adopt a dog we were looking for a staffi type female, short hair, medium size. But then we saw Bruno's photograph on your site and thought he was a great looking dog. It was love at first sight both ways as Bruno seemed to really like us. We had no doubt that he was our dog!

Bruno is completely involved in our family's life as there isn't much he doesn't enjoy doing, from walks on the beach to fishing trips, rides in the car and visiting friends. He isn't a people's dog as he does not look for praise and cuddles from strangers. He accepts patting but prefers playing with other dogs rather than people. He has been very easy to train and knows now a variety of commands. Our experience with Bruno has been a truly rewarding one, we really could not have wished for a better companion.

We highly rate the work and dedication of the foster home, Teresa and John who, beside a genuine care for Bruno's wellbeing after his bad experience before he got rescued, are truly friendly and lovely people.