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Just a couple of photo's of Bumble. He now weighs 18.8 kilos, he is doing so well. He has been a lot more comfortable since we had him clipped. He runs around on the beach with Rewa and their 'friends' and has a great time.

Everybody loves him. A lady told John on the beach this morning that he is so gorgeous that she wanted to take him home. John told her that it would be more than his life is worth to let her!

He loves the campervan. The first time he travelled he wasn't too sure, but lying on a bean bag with Rewa in the cab, he can see out of the window and he soon settled.

Bumble has such a lovely nature. Have to watch him around food though as he would eat Rewa's as well as his own!! They get on really well together.

We feel so lucky to have Bumble, and love him very much, as we do Rewa.  Will not inundate you with emails, but just had to show you how much weight Bumble has lost. Not much more to go. As you have probably gathered, we are very proud of him!!!

Warmest regards.