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Coco and Sooty

Our babies have settled in real well and are just the most beautiful kittens, they keep us entertained all the time with their play fighting and stalking each other.  The only problem is that not a lot gets done in the house as we are all busy watching them, getting the kids dressed for school in the mornings is a hassle as I think they are getting dressed and there they are playing with the kittens. 
At the moment they are both tuckered out and are lying at my feet fast asleep with full bellies.  When I go to work I lock them in the family room which is pretty big and we can leave the windows open as we are high up.  The family room goes out onto a deck so they are in and out all the time, we have blocked off the stairs so they don’t take off. We have got them a secondhand scratching post with has 3 levels they just love it climbing up and down, and attacking it.  Their names are Coco  and Sooty. Sooty is fantastic at using the dirt box and has never missed where as Coco doesn't want to use it so we are having a bit of a problem with her.  I will go and get another one just for her and maybe that will do the trick.  I have got some photos (believe me there are plenty as the kids have gone nuts) so hope you like them.