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This story is about Cody our delightful Poodle X something (we think Schnauzer) we were lucky enough to get from the Humane Society – we had been looking for a playmate for our little 2 yr old Jack Russell as she was getting rather spoilt and we had looked at a couple of Jack Russell crosses but she hated them – absolutely.

Then we saw Cody (was Brody) on the website – he looked just perfect – so I brought him home without her even being introduced to him my thinking being “this is it madam – you don’t get a choice this time” – and they just fell in love at first meeting – he is a little bit bigger (6.5kg) against her 4.5kg but is so gentle – they play and chase each other for hours – they are both addicted to balls and happily take turns at fetching – he is slowly learning to walk properly on a lead, but very keen to just get going.

Cody is about 2 we think and had had some training in his other life – sits, waits – but it took a while to stop him chasing our cats but after a few big growls from us they are now good mates.

We live on a lifestyle block with some bush so both dogs have a great time exploring – can’t quite out run a rabbit but have a lot of fun trying – and when we go to the beach he swims way, way out to get his ball with Gyp swimming alongside as escort – is not at all bothered about waves breaking over his head.

We had decided both dogs would sleep in their baskets, but every morning we wake to find them both curled up together on the end of our bed – Cody is such a happy, funny, calm dog and has given Gyp the playmate we always hoped we would find for her.

So we think we have got the most lovely ‘Pound Hound’ and our thanks go to Pat his first foster mum and Jill in the office and Tina his 2nd foster mum. You all do such an amazing job.