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Dear all the lovely people who dedicate their time helping with the humane society cause

I am writing to thank you all as an organization for the work you do. In particular, I would like to thank and mention Tina who provides the foster care for some of the dogs. I initially came across your society looking for a rescue dog on trade me. We have wanted a dog for a very long time and while I wasn't concerned about the money as such for a bought puppy, the idea of a rescue dog appealed to me more from a moral stand point. But my concern was that the rescued dog may be more challenging behaviorally and with relatively young kids... Anyway, I saw a dog which I liked on trade me on the basis of it being a lab - collie cross and called up. In the conversation later with Tina, she suggested that she had another dog she thought would be more ideal for me and my family. She suggested Daisy, a one year old lab cross. She described her as very eager to please, good with children etc.

Anyway, we have now had Daisy for a week tomorrow and she has already embedded herself into our hearts. She is the perfect family dog... easy going, gentle, funny and loving. TINA was so right about her and we feel so lucky to have the perfect dog and she is house trained!!!

Thank you Tina and colleagues.