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Here are three pictures of Daisy, a greyhound/border collie cross (we think!!) who I adopted from the Humane Society two and a half years ago when she was not quite 1 years old. Daisy is now a North Shore girl who lives with me and her “sister”, a 13 year old female Samoyed called Minka.

Daisy loves to get out and about and can be seen most days of the week on either Browns Bay Beach or Long Bay. She goes to doggy day care three days a week while I am working which gives her plenty of daily exercise and also gives Minka a break from her exuberant attention. She is a very friendly girl and generally gets on with any dog the same size or smaller than her. A larger dog gives her a bit of anxiety, but if playtime begins, then she is fine with that too. She loves any person, particularly those with treats in their pockets. Playing chase with another dog is her absolute favorite thing to do, closely followed by chasing seagulls and rolling in dead things at the beach.

She is such a lovely gentle girl and very quiet around the house unless someone comes onto the property. The postie has certainly had his share of tellings off from Daisy when he passes by.

She also loves her doggy bed and she is spoilt by being able to be right next to my bed and also right in front of the heater, which is left on at night, especially for her comfort. Every day she has raw meat (rump, schnitzel, chuck or mince) and biscuits, plus some milk morning and night.  She’s a bit of a spoiled girl these days and thinks that’s only right and proper.

I am so pleased to have lovely Daisy living with me and I can hardly remember a time now when she was not part of the household. Hard to believe she needed to be rescued, but I’m glad that’s the way it turned out.