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I just wanted to say again, thank you, thank you, thank you!

I brought my girl home, (she was very naughty and didn't seem to have any idea what her name was).
I renamed her Dotti which suits her well and she responds to it every time. Her recall is awesome, it took lots of treats, time and patience but we have it close to mastered!
She was such fun and cheeky during the process and I found it hard not to be entertained by her mischievous and endearing ways.
She's got shaking hands down to an art too.
She is so amazing and we are so in love!
I walk her every day and although we live near the lake she is not a keen swimmer yet, actually she hates the water but is gaining confidence paddling up to her tummy. She has been hugely beneficial for my health and I know I complete her world, we are both very happy, such a perfect match.
I took this photo yesterday at the botanical gardens here in Taupo.