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I have attached a collage of photos we have taken of Fergy.

She is just the most magnificent dog. She learns quickly, has a wonderful temperament, and is doing everything you could ask of a dog. She has filled the void in our home caused by the passing of our miniature daschund, Holly, earlier this year.

Fergy loves going to MacLeans reserve and the school where I teach as she is able to run free. She loves to run and explore the bushes and creeks, but likes to keep an eye on us to make sure she knows where we are. She also walks well on the lead but prefers to be able to run free and explore. She has learnt to sit on her mat while she and her sister Phoebe (who is an old beagle) have their dinner prepared, and to ask before jumping up on our laps while we watch TV. She is such a happy dog that she sometimes has a few problems with edges, especially the edges of the bed. She has fallen off a few times in the morning when she and her sister come through for a cuddle as she is just so happy to see us. Once she was so excited she jumped right over the corner of the bed and hit her head on the wall.

Thanks to everyone involved in the Humane Society, especially Marge, for looking after this precious life before it was her time to come to us.