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I just thought I'd pop a few more shots of Fred through to you all...just so you can see how well he's settled in.

I changed his registration over today, so he's now officially a resident in Hawkes Bay!  We are so pleased; he's the most gorgeous boy and became a part of the family almost instantly.  He acts like he's been here forevever; he sort of swaggers around with a big smile on his face; quite happy to take up prime spots inside (near the fire) and out (in the sunshine).  He is so happy and content: I'd never have made him stay here if he wasn't.  

I've ignored his "demand barking" at the door to get in and out all the time and he now waits until I'm ready to let him in; I  think that's partly due to being happy to be in the company of the other dogs and follow their lead.  

He's got the most gorgeous personality and is really snuggly.  He loves all of us smooching him, but especially Mike (who I think he loves for bringing him "home").  When Mike's here, Fred spends all day lying at his feet (by the heater) in his office.  

On the "responsible owner" side of things : I'm getting the food addiction under control.   He's waiting more patiently for his dinner and I think he's lost a bit of weight already.  He's on diet Eukanuba for breakfast and a locally made (and recommended) dog food for dinner.  He loves the bones (which don't have a lot of meat on them but keep him occupied for ages).  

He's never needed to be tied up or kept inside, even when we've gone out.  He occasionally wanders through into the neighbouring orchard (as all our dogs do) but that's predominantly to search for lunch scraps from the orchard's staff!

We do wonder if he might be deaf: he's the heaviest sleeper ever; not even waking if we walk beside him and not hearing us when we call (he's too divine to be ignoring us on purpose).  But even if he is, we couldn't care less; he's our beautiful blonde boy and we are so grateful to you all for letting us adopt him.

Thank you again to everyone who helped make Fred ours, he's just perfect!