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We adopted Frosty nearly two weeks ago.  He has a great little personality and is very full of life.  He loves our two girls and follows them wherever they go.  He is not jealous of Pippa (our other dog) and vice versa.  They are getting along very well.  Not so sure about the cat yet, he isn't here very much as he lives next door, when he is around, Frosty likes to chase him – but we will get them to know each other I'm sure. 

 Frosty likes his cane basket to sleep in and takes himself off to bed.  We have discovered that he likes to sing, as he sings along to Amanda's saxophone when she is playing it ...  That is very funny to watch.

He managed to break into the house, when we were out, through the cat door, but couldn't go back out through it.  So now he has his own dog door put in.  He seems to prefer to be inside than outside – now he can come and go as he pleases.

Overall he is settling in well and becoming more confident each day.

Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to adopt him.  He is becoming part of the family already J