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We have now had Georgia for 5 months and she is turning into a very good looking, good natured and loving animal. She is overcoming her nervousness. She is not afraid of other dogs – in fact wants to play with them all and if they don't want to play with her she just walks away – and is not aggressive in the slightest. So far as people are concerned, she is still very wary, but when she sees that we are comfortable talking to people she hasn't met before she soon comes up and noses them gently to say hello. She loves the car and as soon as the door is opened she hops inside – doesn't matter whose car it is.

So far as the boat is concerned – she's a natural. We were away for just over 4 weeks at Christmas and she just had a ball. Our families were with us in their boats and with their dogs and they would play for hours on the beach. The dinghy is the same – she figures if she gets in it, someone might take her ashore.

I have enclosed some photos to give you an idea how relaxed she is.

She seems to be highly intelligent and is easily trained but we did have to make the gates higher as she has got so tall and she is so agile that she was getting over them when we left her alone in the yard. But we have that all sorted now.

Thanks for giving her a good start.