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Georgie & Tilly

In February 2010 due to the loss of a dear friend of eight years (Rosie) we decided that the house was far too quiet without a dog so we started searching on the internet. That is where we came across Georgie and instantly fell in love with him.

We rang the Humane Society only to find that Georgie, pending a house check, may not be available but that there was a Poodle needing a home. Personally the thought of a Poodle did not run that strong with me but my excited Mother talked me into ringing and taking a look.

We arrived about 40 minutes later where we met Tilly and what a little darling she was, I knew Mum was hooked so we agreed to take her once she had been spayed and vaccinated etc. We asked if we could also see Georgie knowing that he had already possibly been re homed. He came darting out and instantly there was a connection between him and me.

So now we have two little adorable dogs that get on so well together. Tilly (sometimes called Silly) is always on the go and if there is mud she will be in it. Georgie is quite the gentleman and never seems to get any dirt on him. They romp and play for hours taking turns on who is “top dog”. They love their soft toys which are often scattered from one end of the house to the other, alongside chew bones and bits of whatever has been found outside. They get regular exercise and barking opportunities as we are on a ten acre property with cows and lots of hills. The dogs just love barking at the cows over the fence and running around the front lawn straggling their toys.

Bath time is always great as after their baths they run flat out laps around the couch with Tilly trying to catch Georgie. Georgie is a bit smarter than Tilly and often changes direction or takes a different route. Tilly just stands there with her head tilted and a blank expression on her face. They love waking my Mum up in the morning as after the go out for their morning business I open Mum's door and they go flying in and bite and scraggly her, she loves it!

They have brought so much pleasure into our hearts and they get on so well with our cat Flossy and rainbow lorikeet, Lora lie who both could not believe their eyes when these two mad dogs turned up. Apart from the odd toilet mishap inside and a few muddy feet on cream couches these two have been perfect and fitted into our lives so easily.

Thank you to Robin and Jill for making this possible for all of us