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Well finally acouple of photos of Griffen.Time has
certainly escaped me over the last few months but better late than never! As
soon as Griffen moved in with us he made himself right at home - such a
confident little boy.  He and Alfie play chasey around the house all
day and are the best of friends (except when one has something the other wants
and even then it's all a big game trying to trick the other into
letting go). They love going to the Botanical Gardens to have a run around
and wallow in the mud - it's always bathtime when we get home! He is a very
happy puppy, affectionate and funny and we love him to bits.


I just wanted to thank you for allowing us to adopt him -
now all I have to do is get him to understand that being adorable
doesn't mean he can eat all the jandals and nick things off
the coffee table haha.