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Harry and Floyd

We adopted Rastmus, now Harry about 3 months ago,we think he is a West Highland Terrier X,  he is a confident, hyper, and totally deaf puppy, big learning curve for us all with hand signals. 

My partner insisted when we first got Harry that it would be a case of "3 strikes" and he would be returned to the HS,  I believe that Harry is now on about strike 176.  Harry has settled in really well, and achieved a certificate for obedience classes. He is also learning agility and enjoys mixing it up with the other dogs there, 

His deafness is not a problem for Harry. If anything it is everyone else that has a problem, not Harry.  He comes to work with us every day, and does a "meet and greet" with our customers. On the way home we stop at a local walking track, where he runs around with our other dog Floyd, aka Zoro also from HS. 

We adopted Floyd, we think he is a English Pointer X,  as a companion dog for Harry, Floyd is a totally laid back puppy, in fact he is so laid back, he is horizontal,  He is also Harry's "ears" when we are out and about, especially when out at the walking track, Harry will "take his cues" from Floyd.  Floyd too has achieved a certificate in obedience class, and also doing the agility.

Both dogs are now valued members of our family.