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 I adopted Hershey on 7th October 2013, a little Japanese Chin, and since his birthday is not known (just a rough guess by vet of birth year) we made the 7th October his official birthday.

 He is absolutely gorgeous very friendly and according to family and approved (by Hershey) visitors a very  well behaved dog. But he wraps me around his little paw.!

 When he sees family members he greets them with the "Chin Spin " and of course when I come with his food !. We are all glad I adopted him. So glad to have him as a  family member.

 He adopted wonderfully to my home and is very happy. He has lots of room to run about and really is the "king of the castle. "  In the beginning I kept him a bit isolated from other dogs to get him adjusted to his new surroundings.  He always enjoyed the company of my family members, but recently he also started to enjoy very much the visit and company of other small dogs to our home.  We had shitzus, pugs and especially two cavaliers here on separate occasions and also a little " doggie party " with three other ones , 2 male shi tzu/ maltese cross boys and one very elderly lady pug. -