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Hi, my name is Jackson, I am a boxer rescued and rehomed through the humane society.

apparently I was chained up in a position where other dogs would frequently attack me and I was unable to escape. I was very underweight and had granulating wounds and a bad leg injury for which my owners did not seek vet treatment. This left me with  with a deformed leg and a permanent  limp.

I was adopted by Kayla, whose older boxers had passed ova, she came to see me and when she knelt down to say hello, I put my  front legs gently  around her shoulders, in a doggie hug , and looked at her with my big sad brown eyes

it was love at 1st sight!, She doesn’t mind that my leg is crooked, she loves me just the way I am,!!

These days Im muscly, fit and strong and my coat is a deep shiny red, I still limp and always will, but life is good here on the farmlet!!

I share my home with sheba, another older rescued boxer and she looks after me when mums at work. We have  a huge section, lots of toys, and sleep on mums bed at night.

I don’t understand why I was abused, im a sweet gentle boy, but life is good now andi luv  my new home, cuddles and my boxer  friend sheba.