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We didn't really think we would be getting another animal (we already have two dogs and two elderly cats) but we felt it time and our only need was that we wanted a female and for it to be good with dogs. As a long term volunteer I let Jill know what we wanted and she put it out to the foster homes, as luck would happen Tamara had Jem, a cute and shy little black and white kitten. It was love at first sight and we took her home. Within a day she was hanging out with the dogs, she sleeps with the dogs and I on the bed at night and is often rubbing up against them. She's a super affectionate little girl that loves a pat and often trills to me. She's met friends dogs and not phased at all, but she's hissed at our other cats. I really think she identifies with dogs and not cats. A real character in our home.