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Jester the 3 legged toy poodle has now been with us for 5 months (he had already lost his leg when we adopted him). He is the fifth poodle who has been a part of our family but Jess is really ‘Mr Personality Plus’!! From the moment we had him he loved us –He just fitted in straight away - he LOVES everybody & everybody LOVES him! The funniest thing when somebody meets him is that it usually takes 10 or 15 minutes and then suddenly they’ll say “Hey! He’s only got three legs”!!!!! He runs round like such a mad thing you really don’t notice most of the time. His most favourite thing in the world is his tennis ball (he actually has about 10 of them scattered around the property)! He will run & chase the ball endlessly – several times his feet have actually started bleeding because he’s been running so much! Our living/working arrangement is quite unusual – we live in a motorhome which is parked behind my father’s warehouse, I work for my father and my father & step mother also live onsite in an apartment. We were told that one of the problems with Jester is that he didn’t like being left alone. Luckily with our living/working situation he has someone with him 99% of the time! He comes into the office with me & lays in his bed or on the floor and he can go out to our motorhome or upstairs to see Nana & Poppa whenever he feels like. On the weekend the warehouse is completely shut up, the back area where our motorhome is parked is fully fenced and quite often we have all the doors open between the warehouse & apartment so he can go wherever he wants. Over Christmas we had a lot of family staying & he spent his time visiting everyone – wherever they were in the complex! I’m not sure exactly what happened with Jess’s old owner but one thing’s for sure – he must have loved him! One day we got a call to say that Jess’s old owner had dropped in some of his toys, his bed & his lead so we went over to pick them up. Boy was he excited to see those!! Those old toys are still his favourites – especially the tennis ball which now has no felt left on it at all! His old owner must really miss him - he is such a cool dog! If he sees this article I hope he will realise that we love him as much as he did. We are really lucky to have him.