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Our Jack Russell had passed away aged 16 years, and our little chihuahua, Mr. Big, was getting lonely, so I decided to look for a rescue companion, and that is when I found him advertised on Trade Me from the Humane Society in December 2012.

His name was Bandit, and he had been abandoned at a petshop on Xmas Eve that year, and was taken in by a volunteer.  Once I saw his picture, I fell totally in love with him.

My daughter and I went to see him, and he was very timid, and extremely thin, 8 months old and under 1kg.

After a check of our property, we bought him home, and once he walked inside, his personality changed. The first thing he did was go outside, and come back with the rose he had stolen from my watering can which was almost as big as him, and we called him Jethro, and have never looked back.

He is in love with Mr. Big, and each morning greets him as if it is the first time he has seen him.  Loves the garden, the car, the park and the beach.  He is just so beautiful and it broke my heart that he was discarded by someone on Christmas Eve, but he is just the most wonderful dog.  
He is very naughty, and gets away with everything, we love him to bits, and am so grateful that the Humane Society saved him for us