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Josie JDX

We picked up Josie from a Humane Society foster home in February 2008. We had another dog who was 2 years old at the time and were doing agility with her, and I was intending to do the same with Josie.


Once she became used to being at our dog club where there were dogs all over the place she went into an obedience class. We quickly discovered that she was obsessive about tennis balls – there was no way we could get them off her, even when we tried bribing her with treats!


Agility began in 2009. She loved it and learnt very quickly. It rapidly became obvious that she was much too fast for me and she was developing some unfortunate habits (such as jumping the course the way she wanted). After some months I decided to have her run the courses with my husband (he runs very fast).


She quickly  advanced through the grades – elementary, starters and novice – by winning 1 elementary, 2 starters and, in just 3 months, 3 novice championship events and is now currently at intermediate/senior level. These courses are much harder and we are working hard at getting better at them!


Where Josie has really excelled is in the jumpers classes (just jumps and tunnels). Starting at jumpers C (this has the most dogs in it) she had 2 wins in Championship classes and was promoted into jumpers B. In November 2011 she won herself out of jumpers B (3 wins) and is now in jumpers A which is the highest level in NZ. Having got this far she has been awarded JDX (Jumpers Dog Excellent). This is going to be a steep learning curve for Josie and my husband as the very challenging courses are less flowing and more complex.