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Lizzie is doing really well! She has grown lots! She is now more than 20 kg.
She loves going for walks, meeting other dogs and is super social! She seems to enjoy our property, and particularly likes the fire on cold nights!
She has gone through teenage obedience and is now doing advanced companion training which she seems to love!
We've struggled a bit to find daytime dog company for her.. Our neighbors dog is too old and cranky to get on with her and a workmates dog seems to bark a lot (and our neighbors have complained). So for now she goes to doggy day care two days a week, two days I start work at nine thirty which means I can take her for a big walk and she has one full day at home. She seems happy enough though and we walk her every day before we leave her;) I think we will keep trying to find a daytime dog friend. And once she gets a bit older I should be able to run her in the morning which will help. What I've found is that when we give her a good amount of exercise she sleeps most of the day:)
She has been well health wise. We think she might have an allergy (she gets infected ears a bit) so we are trialling her on new food which seems to work).
We love her and thanks again for helping us find her!