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Luke has settled in really really well and been such a good boy.  He has only made one mess in the house, otherwise he’s been excellent at telling me when he needs to go.  He is very good in his compound (not that he’s in there much).  We had to go to a wedding on Saturday at 4pm and didn’t get home until 10.30pm and I was worried about leaving him alone – but there he was, patiently waiting on his sofa in the compound (with the remains of his bone).

He is much better with the horses and happily comes down to the paddock with me when they are being fed.  He will also run around in the paddock after his stick/ball/ring/Frisbee and pretty much ignore the horses.

Been to Muriwai Beach (and met some ladies who immediately said “Is that Luke – from Diana?, Jeez, hasn’t he grown”).  Also been to the forest a couple of times (just me and Luke, no horses) and we have a fine old time.  Do a bit of horse watching in the horse car park for more familiarization. 

Today Luke is on supervisory duties as Gary is fencing down the back paddock and he has taken Luke with him.    Went for “last rounds” walk at 10.30 last night and terrorized a hedgehog.  Great big woof and grrrrrrrrrrrr and then a bit of “mummy, what is it, I don’t like it”.

Doing OK cat-wise as he pushed his luck a bit too far with our male Burmese and got a swipe on the nose for his troubles.  Has been rather cautious around the cats since. 

You must have done some great training with him as he is very very good.  Am going to enrol for dog training at Kumeu as, like you, I think he is very smart and would benefit greatly (as would I).

Thank you so much for choosing us as his new forever home.