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On Sunday my mother adopted Mac, he was fostered with Tina in Manurewa. We just want to let you know how very happy both my mother and Mac are. He has bonded with the entire family including children and other dogs. My dog is so similar to Mac that it is easy to get them confused, and they hit it off immediately on meeting.Mac is an absolute delight, a real gentleman, and my mum is in love with him.  He now sleeps on her bed and follows her everywhere.  He has settled in so well and in some ways it feels like he has been with us for ever.  He is brilliant with my children (6 & 4) and my sister’s (who are all much older).  Mum was feeling a bit lonely all by herself in her new home, But now she has Mac for company she is much happier.  He really was the perfect dog for her.
Thank you for the service you provided for these animals.