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We weighed her on arrival and she was at 18.6kg (about 1.5kg less than her last vet visit). We've moved her on to a raw food diet (our other dog is raw fed) and she's responded really well with a half kg weight gain in the first week. She is a big fan of the bone broth with veal and we'll be adding lamb/salmon introducing chicken carcasses later this week. 
We go for a run every morning at 530am which she LOVES and gets super excited about. She's still learning recall so has to stay on the lead for now but she's learning lots of commands and is so smart. 
She sleeps with our other dog - they each have a side of the kids bedroom door. She was a bit anxious the first two nights but now takes herself to bed when she's had enough of us. 
The two dogs also have outside beds – she's eaten three of the four beds so they have gnarled edges, and she did eat one teddy but that's getting under control as she relaxes more. 
She's extremely confident getting in and out of both cars now and likes having her head out the window, which was quite a feat as she was terrified to begin with.
She was also terribly fearful of stairs but is much happier now she's explored the whole house.
Her and our dog, Boh, are getting along so well, they are very physical and it's not often that they aren't sitting on top of each other. I'm surprised they don't sleep curled up together but perhaps they will in winter.
We are so pleased to have Tils in our family and she is doing very well.