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All is well here but I thought I would send you an update at 8 months old.... Max (aka "Terry the Terrier") is doing well as you can see from our pictures. He is full of life and keeps us on our toes in all respects.

He is behaving "most" of the time and comes to our whistle every time unless there is another dog or something far more interesting then a boring old whistle!

We think that he must know that we are not going to leave him or abandon him as he is nice and quiet (well some of the time).

Everyone loves Max and thinks he is cute, well last night all three of us went for a walk along the waters edge at Pakauranga (East) and he loved it and so did we, until he felt brave and went in the water and the MUD (estuary) well he was covered from head to tail and so he had to stay in the boot space (hatchback so he could see out) and then straight in the shower....good grief he is certainly a terrier!!

Every time he gets away with something we think of the last words Colin said to us....."don¹t make that dog soft!".....well we do try Colin.

Anyway until the next update.

Max and Sausage the burmese (aka the silent assassin...gives Max a run for his money every time)