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Just thought I’d let you know that Mikey is still going strong. He must be getting on for 15 now and is a happy, sprightly  little fellow who loves going in the car and getting scratches. Although, he was quite depressed and anxious for the first 6 months, he has finally realised he is here to stay, has settled down and become really affectionate and funny.  His favourite things are wriggling around on his back on the carpet (while making ‘happy’ noises), snoring, weeing on every plant he finds and eating cake (no, we don’t let him – but he tries!).  He and the cat have a good arrangement – he is allowed to wash inside her ears and he has accepted that she own both baskets and he gets to sleep in whichever one she doesn’t want.  Anyway, just wanted you to know how well he is doing and the vet reckons he has a really strong heart so it looks like we’ll have him for a while yet.   


This is Mikey when he came hiking with us a couple of weeks ago. He had a great time. Good thing he is small enough to carry as he got a bit tired.