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Meet our wonder dog Missy. She was found by the Humane Society, very skinny and with a puppy. They looked after her until her puppy was weaned then spayed her and put her up for adoption. We needed a new dog to replace our last dog and had been looking for almost 6 months. As soon as Sylvia (the Bird Lady) and I (Annwyne the Penguin Lady) saw Missy we both fell in love with her straight away. She was very friendly although a little nervous, we thought she was the dog we wanted. Her job was to help us look after our penguins when I take them for their daily swim. The first two days I took a friends border collie with us to show her what we were wanting of her. The first day she watched what the other dog was doing; the second day she mirrored what the other dog was doing. Day three she was on her own and dragged me all around the pool, she was still on her leash - but she had a job to do and was going to do it, attached or not. On day six we thought it a good idea to try her without the leash. Wow she was amazing, she was even anticipating where the penguins were heading and would race around to that part of the pool before they reached it. Missy is also very friendly to children, people, other dogs and all our birds. She loves to play with other dogs at the beach but still comes when she's called. The other day she rounded up all the people coming back from the penguin's pool. She is such a happy dog now and we love seeing her running around and she is just starting to learn to play. She's a real sweetheart. Thanks Humane Society!