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I wanted to upload a photo of our Missy on to the Humane Society page under Happy Tails  and to tell you how much we love her.

We have had her for just over 3 months now,  she settled in to our house , family and lives so quickly we cannot imagine life without her.

She is now 21kg (10kg heavier( walks beautifully on a leash , comes back to a whistle , still to learn that she must drop another dogs ball or stick   –that’s  work in progress J  

Recently we have referred to  Missy as ‘our favourite child’, as our other 2 kids  are offering too many excuses for why they are not studying for exams,

Missy loves our local parks and has a large fan base, everyone knows her and stops to pat her, we have made so many new friends by walking her every night and day.

She certainly has enriched our lives.

I joke that we our only worry is due to her good looks– a Hollywood talent scout makes her an offer she can’t refuse and she leaves us for a Disney movie.