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Modem is Great!

When we first met Modem we knew he had the right amount of quirkiness and attitude to fit in our family. He had a rough start to life... he was (presumably) abandoned my his mother as a kitten, then hit by a car resulting in a broken leg which needed a pin to hold it in place. We arrived at the foster home, and though the hair on his leg was still growing back he was full of confidence and very inquisitive.

After a long car ride home, he investigated the house, then sat on the couch and purred... with some blips and beeps that sounded like he was connecting to the internet! Hence how he got his name, which suits as we work with computers as a career.

He's not your typical lap cat, that's for sure! Modem's favourite game is stick. He loves when you find a small branch and run round in circles with it trailing on the ground. He'll chase it for hours, but will soon let you know when he's had enough as he picks it up in his mouth and runs off underneath the trees.

Our friends love him too - though you have to be wary not to get a full claws-out attack, he's generally very entertaining. Sometimes we get a camouflage net out and he crawls underneath to wait for an unsuspecting person to walk past. He sure is quick!

We had a wee scare at the end of 2008, when we found a lump and took him to the vet to get it removed. However it hasn't grown back, and Modem is still the same, feisty feline as he always has been. We love him to bits, and can't imagine our house without him.