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Our children, aged 3 and 5 had been on to us to get some pets so when we picked up a kitten it seemed only right to get a dog to make the set.  We didn’t want either a small yappy thing or a puppy that needed house training so looked on the internet and found Molly. 

She certainly is a big girl but had such a lovely face that we decided there and then she was the one.  After a seemely brief time we all met up and we realised Molly was just what we wanted so she came home with us.  We were all so pleased with how placid she is and how good with the children – even when they flop ontop of her and talk into her ear to make sure only she hears. 

The kitten simply loves playing with Molly’s tail and the two have made good friends.  Two months on we have no regrets at all and are all pleased that we’ve got a new member to our family.