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Molly / Orla


I adopted Molly, a golden retriever from the Humane Society in October 2011 and I thought you may wish to hear how she is getting on.

I re-named her Orla because my mother's name is Molly (and that would have just been too confusing!) Orla is Irish for golden.

Orla has such a sweet, loving, gentle nature and I love her to bits! She is very spoilt - she goes to the park every day, and goes to 'doggie day-care' twice a week. She has the benefits of being the only dog - e.g. spoilt rotten - but also gets to see and play with other dogs every day. She spends a lot of time with my sister's 11 year old Golden Retriever called Rosie and she loves my nieces.

Funnily enough, despite being a retriever, she was quite scared of the water when I first got her. She would even avoid big puddles! It was only after watching Rosie swim several times, that she ventured in (but only about toe deep!). I have recently moved to Hamilton so I take her down to the river every day, and she is starting to go in further and further. And she loves it!
I've only seen her actually swim once though - and I think that was an accident :-) Usually she goes in to head height, but makes sure she can still keep her paws on the ground.

Everyone always comments about her nature - she really is such a sweet, loving dog. Sometimes she just goes up to people she likes the look of, will politely sit down next to them and wait to be patted. She's never in your face or annoying - just lovely, gentle and kind. I often wonder about her past - what happened to her before she was found wandering on the streets of Auckland, super skinny and hungry. I was once walking her in the evening when she saw a builder's skip outside a house that was being renovated, and she was petrified. It was a reaction I haven't seen from her before - barking, growling but shaking like a leaf and desperate to get away from it.

I guess we'll never know what happened to her, but I love the fact that she has a forever home now - that she is part of the family. A few weekends ago I went to Whangamata with my parents, sister, brother in law and nieces and, of course, Orla and Rosie too. And it's lovely to see how settled she is now. For the first few months, I think she was wondering when she would have to leave so was a bit jittery and nervous. After being on the streets and then in foster care, it was almost like she thought she was going to be picked up and dropped off somewhere else. But she knows that this is her home now and is so settled and happy. She knows that if we are all going somewhere, she is going too; that she won't be left behind.

She doesn't even chase my cat Benson now - initially she would chase him because she wanted to play, and he'd run because he was scared and then it was be chaos! But they have sorted it out and quite happily sit together in the lounge. And, I'm pretty sure that in another year or two they'll be best mates. I actually think that Benson misses Orla when she's not there.

When I got Orla she was in the process of being 'fattened' up and weighed 21kgs. She's now a healthy 26kgs and the vet says she's a perfect weight. I've attached photos of her at doggie day care. Orla was fostered with Tina in Manurewa, so Tina may like to see some of the photos. It would be great if you could forward them on to her, so that she knows how she's getting on.

A big thank you to Humane Society for all the wonderful work you do. I always tell people to check out your website and, if looking for a dog, to consider getting a rescue dog. Cause they are the best dogs ever!! And it's great to be able to give them a second chance at having a happy life