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I have had "Monty" for 9 months now, adopted from the Humane Society end of May 2010 from Marjorie in Takanini.



We had a few pee and poo issues early on, but thanks to "puppy training", (he is approx. 3 years old) we are way beyond that now...in the true Bichon style, he really is like a living pillow...he is funny, bouncy, and a joy.  He has serious mojo, and is not afraid of any other dogs...he has a deep bark, people are surprised to see a white puffball make that kind of noise!


He has been mistaken for a racing rabbit by a greyhound, and a stuffed toy by a family dog...the adventures abound!  He is loyal and pretty well trained, and even has his own full time minder (not me!) when I am busy...he is loved, coddled and always kept stimulated...he lives on the water in Devonport, loves the kayak, our launch, beachwalks and even the motorbike (a wee bit).


My thanks to all of the fantastic volunteers who make this possible...he is a wonderful addition to our family and we love him heaps!