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First of all a big thanks for introducing us to Norton, he has turned out to be a real great dog.

We have imposed a few tougher rules with him than we did with the other dogs we have owned .ie he has 2 meals a day only with no snacks or titbits in between . This has been good in that he does not hang around for bits and pieces when we have our meals or coffee breaks he is just quite happy to just  ignore us.

It took us about a week to break him of the habit of getting on the furniture, but because of the hair he sheds this is one habit we had to break. He also now trots of to his bed with out any bother  after I put him out at night.

We still close him in the conservatory at night, for if we leave him access to the outside, he chases cats and possums.  I still cant get over the way he stalks bees and wasps. He has been stung a few times by the wasps  but I think it just adds to the excitement.

Sometimes when we are out walking I stop off at a friends place. They invite me and Norton in for a wine. They just absolutely love him and make areal fuss of him.