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Here are some pics of Ollie relaxing at home.  The one of him outside is just after a bath!  I would love to send a pic through with him all alert with his tail in the air but he is awfully hard to photograph when moving!  


He really is a lovely boy - we call him our big teddy bear.  We have had a our challenges - still working on "come" - he is not so keen on this command when we are out and about (a Malamute trait apparently), so I play hide and seek instead.  He really enjoys seeking me out and I have found that is the easiest way to get him to come!  He will come if I call him but very reluctantly (cracks me up now) - he dawdles, sniffs things on the way, then stops about a metre away and either sits and looks at me or just lies down.  Attitude plus!  I can have him off his lead through the bush now and he stays with me which is real progress.  He does like to deviate to play in the creeks though!  Great to see him having fun.


He is excellent on his lead and has made lots of doggie friends in the neighbourhood - his best friend probably being Jake - a springer spaniel.  He now loves playing in the water - he has swum - but by accident and gets back in to the shallows quite quickly.  He does wade out quite deep though so I am thinking next summer he will be full on with the swimming.  He plays fetch at home but I am not encouraging this out at the park yet as I have heard it is bad for the joints of large dogs, but will be okay after he turns two.


Anyway, the kids and I are looking forward to celebrating his first birthday next month.  We truly love him to bits and he is amazingly gentle with the children.  I am constantly getting comments about his looks - people stop me all the time to say what a beautiful dog, and I have to agree - he really is truly beautiful!  I don't think the pics do him justice but I am sure you will enjoy them.