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It is now 6 weeks roughly since we got Pepper from Tina. Pepper has settled in really well and she is a joy! We are loving having her and very happy to have been able to adopt her.

Pepper is a real little live wire and loves to play with our other dog Kelsey 9.5 years now. Some times it gets a bit rough but they seem to sort it out fairly quickly.


Pepper is a quick learner and has learnt to retrieve a ball really well and when out at beach with food training comes every time she is called and has now got into the habit of coming up and sitting for a treat which is teaching her to touch base with me.

Loves to play with other dogs and because she is so quick they just end up chasing her.


One thing we have found with her is she is a Duvet diver loves to get under a duvet and have a cook up! Our dogs actually have a duvet on their beds but she has discovered the electric blanket on our bed appears to be a better option for a cook up!!!

As it gets colder she seems very happy to wear her little coat which keeps her warm!


Once again thanks for all the hard work that you do to save these dogs lives as I believe there are mostly no bad dogs only bad owners.  Pepper is our 7th rescue dog and we have never had a bad one!